Drama Comedy

Following the sudden death of her mother, workaholic copywriter LUCY GREEN joins her late mother’s walking group in search of inspiration, only to find much more than she bargained for in this touching story of love, loss and rambling. This project was developed with the UK Film Council’s First Feature Fund.



Romantic Comedy

NULA and JEFF are perfect for each other except for one tiny hiccup… NULA is agoraphobic and hasn't left her house for seven years and JEFF is severely claustrophobic and can't even enter a house without passing out! But love is blind in this romantic comedy about fears, phobias and the universal anxieties of love. This project was developed and optioned by Focus Films.



Drama (Treatment only)

Five tales unravel and collide during one summers evening on the South Bank. An aging actor gets a proposition from his biggest fan... A soldier is on a mission to test his mettle before he ships out... A man plans the perfect marriage proposal... A gang member must prove himself... A homeless man is haunted by his past.



Costume Drama

Based on the true story of JOSEPH HOBSON JAGGER, a poor mill worker from Bradford who broke the bank at the grand casino Monte Carlo in 1873. JOSEPH dreams of a better life for his children far from the choking dust of the cotton mill. After a chance encounter with a roulette wheel JOSEPH discovers a flaw in the wheels design and along with his son ALFRED, hatches a plan to make their fortune at the roulette tables in Monte Carlo and outwit casino owner FRANCOIS BLANC.



Psychological Thriller

A high-intensity thriller set deep under London about those things that we hold close but never speak about, never hear about, and never see. It is the story of Anne, a London tube driver, who is traumatised by the recent death of a passenger under her train. Isolated and paranoid, she is forced to face her darkest fears when she learns of a possible terrorist attack on the network and her train becomes stuck between stations leaving herself and four passengers stranded. As Anne battles against time to get her passengers to safety, truths begin to seep out, and nothing is quite what it seems.





Drama Comedy (Pilot Episode)

Having jilted her childhood sweetheart, small town Spanish girl MAMEN lands at the run down Bonnie Hotel with dreams of becoming an artist. When reality bites, MAMEN takes a job as a cleaner and like Dorothy in the land of OZ MAMEN finds allies and enemies on her journey through this strange new world.



Drama Comedy (Two part drama)

Reunited after twenty years, old school friends HELEN, KAY and TRUDY make a pact to propose to the men in their lives on Leap Year Day. But as hearts are laid on the line and friendships tested, the women must put old differences aside and unite as they come to realise that Leap Year will prove to be a day that changes their lives forever.





Drama Black Comedy

Superstar DJ Keith Soulace tells his remarkable life story. His rise to fame and fall from grace in the hedonistic world of the nightclub DJ. From the Motown of the sixties to the pumping dance anthems of today, join Keith on his musical odyssey of club culture and broken relationships in this one man show with a difference.





Drama Black Comedy

Recovering from a double mastectomy, HELEN is forced to stay with her estranged uptight son and his wife SUSAN. Having lived a heady life as a TV presenter HELEN finds it hard to come to terms with her new life of sobriety and what she feels is the loss of her femininity. But HELEN finds an unlikely ally in SUSAN and with her help she begins to reconnect with the world and her son.



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